book purchasing policies and procedures

Please contact us prior to bringing books by for evaluation as our buying varies greatly by season and quantity of recently acquired libraries. In general, if you have fewer than 40 or 50 books you would need to bring them to us. More than that and we may be willing to make a housecall to evaluate your books for purchase, depending on several factors. Please call for more information.

If you have books to sell, the easiest way for us to evaluate our interest is to send a few photographs via email or text. Just photos of the back sides (spines) of books on the shelf or in boxes is all we need rather than photos of individual books.

book appraisals

We’re happy to offer an opinion on value if you bring a book or two in for that purpose or in some cases by telephone. If you’re selling books we would be happy to make you an offer if it’s something we can use. However, we no longer offer formal appraisals for insurance or estate purposes.

bookbinding quotes

Generally speaking, best to bring in books requiring bindery work for evaluation and estimated repair cost. In the event that you are unable to get to our shop for some reason, photos can be emailed for a general idea. Books can also easily be mailed to the shop for evaluation and then repaired after my evaluation and your approval.

Other Questions?

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