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Alluring Books and Oddities

Hand Bookbinding Services


Rooted in Tradition

One of the dwindling shops of it’s kind, our business continues to be conducted much as Antiquarian and Rare Bookstores have operated since the beginning days of bookselling. Carefully organized shelves of carefully culled books on every subject ready for browsing. Made for discovering that personal treasure, that book that you had as a child or something you read that changed your life. Or maybe just a great story for the beach or the couch. We offer both a wide variety of inexpensive general used books and a large stock of Rare, Antiquarian and collectible books. In addition, we also offer other carefully selected items of interest. Oddities if you will. Smaller items such as antique radios, typewriters and the like. Our inventory of uncommon treasures is ever changing as we discover new and ever more unusual and interesting items in our travels. All brought back to the shop and on display for your discovery.


Bookbinding Services

We can restore that treasured and well traveled book to it’s old self. Whether it may be Bible, Cookbook, Childhood memory or heirloom to be passed to the next generation of family book lovers, we can fix most anything. All work is done on site at our bookshop. The work is done by hand, using traditional methods. Listed below are a few of the services we offer. For other more unusual jobs, please inquire.

  • Repairs of all kinds, from restoring an existing binding to creating a new one for your book

  • Boxes, plain for conservation or fancy and elaborate to hold something important

  • Slipcases to protect or to repair those that have seen better days

  • Edition bindings for your Thesis, journals, or that novel you just published

  • Design and build creative ideas for any project you can dream up!